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Intimacy Salons: Grief & Pleasure in the Pandemic

 Weekly 1-hour Zoom Calls

Free, Drop-in


4pm PST/5pm MST/7pm EST

A safe and shameless online community space where you can unload any weird thoughts and feelings, desires, impulses, sexual urges, compulsions, hopes, and dreams you have stirring and churning inside you as a result of the pandemic. I'll lead the group into a confidential truth telling and listening container in which you will get to compassionately co-support each other.












This is for you if you:

feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic

feel desires and impulses that you want to get off your chest in a non-judgmental setting 

need to just have a good cry and feel held

have utopian dreams for the future

have morbid thoughts about the future

aren't sure how to proceed or make decisions during this time

desire more community connection in your life right now

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