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Sex, intimacy, and relationship coaching that discovers, supports, nurtures, and celebrates your whole self into life.

"She doesn't make me want to be a better person; she makes me want to be a better ME."  --Kara Ann M.


"I came to Susan with a marriage headed straight to divorce. Susan taught me how to love myself and to celebrate who I am in the midst of complete uncertainty. Today, my wife and I connect better,  communicate much better, and are growing in intimacy. If you are in search of genuine discovery and deep authentic connection, I strongly recommend Susan as your coach." --Sashank N.

Welcome. What a pleasure to have you!
As a sex and relationship coach my approach values authenticity, presence in the body, deep listening, and outside-the-box path carving to open doorways of possibility for your sexuality and relationships. I'll help you discover, de-shame, and engage your desires in sex and relationships, while identifying what no longer serves you. Together we'll lean into your most nourishing edges and get closer to what you're wanting.
I specialize in helping people thrive through big life changes and discoveries with the intention to no longer leave you, your sexuality, your desires, and your pleasure behind. My approach is deeply human, vulnerable, bold while compassionate, creative, and grounding. I'll be your on-the-ground, experiential teacher, your cheerleader, and your very human confidant. 
I hope to work with you soon.
To your pleasurable life, Susan

Coaching Inspirations & Tips
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Coaching with Susan


"Susan is the real deal. She exudes authenticity, offers wisdom with ease, and is effortlessly inclusive and insightful. Her easy going nature and humor mixed with her tenacity and passion are a winning combination for anyone looking to be inspired, encouraged and deeply understood. Her talents are rare and brilliant and I am happy for all of her lucky clients!"  --Lorissa Brunk, LPC and founder of The Well Sessions: a listening company

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