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About Me

Susan Coates is a sex and relationship coach who has worked with hundreds of clients--individuals, couples, and groups--to fully experience and express their desires in sex and relationships through on-the-ground, body-based, experiential coaching.
She has been featured in Marie Claire magazine and speaks on panels, in universities, and on podcasts about topics such as healing sexual shame, women’s sexual empowerment, hot consent, custom-fit relationships, and successful polyamory.
She runs group events including Intimacy Salons, Men’s Desire Club, and women's empowerment groups, and is featured by the Somatica® Institute (Berkeley, CA) as a faculty member in addition to being a featured regional practitioner in Colorado.

Susan also serves as a keynote speaker at conferences on intimacy and women's empowerment. 
In her spare time, Susan loves to write, dance, bike, bake bread, enjoy sex, grow food, adventure with her 10 year-old son, and engage in her communities. 
Susan works online and in person out of her home office in Denver, Colorado.


Over 20 years coaching experience

Somatica® Method Sex & Intimacy Coaching trained

Over 1000 1-1 and group coaching clients 

Global Career Development Facilitator

Enneagram Personality Assessment Group Trainer

M.A. International Relations, University of Denver

Organizational Development Training, Mountain States Employers Council

Change Manager & Coach, City & County of Denver

Over 15 years retreat and group facilitation experience


"She doesn't make me want me to be a better person. She makes me want to be a better me." --Kara Ann M.


"Susan is an amazing intimacy coach and a lovely human being. There is a fun fluidity to Susan's approach that is creative, deeply empathetic, experiential, and empowering." --S.N.

“Susan is a one-of-a-kind woman who has a magical way of connecting. She is able to lead without being authoritarian, guide without taking away others’ voices, and make every single one of us feel like we matter. She’s a wise one and I’d highly, highly recommend working with her in any way possible because you will walk away feeling fuller and more whole.” --Amy Progrebin Bremenstuhl


What my clients are saying...


"Susan has made the most of her gifts, primary of which is intelligence, courage in the face of ambiguity and a watchful humour. And grit. The woman has grit. She makes and keeps her commitments. She looks at challenges as solvable then proceeds to solve them. She has integrity and uses it. Susan is a good person to have on your side." --Rika Mead, Ricam Consulting Group, LLC


"From the first time I met Susan I was changed forever. I had to challenge myself and I was inspired - in ways that took me 3 years to understand. As a result, I am now living the most beautiful but blessed life ever and it is because I met her. I watched, questioned, and learned. Why? Because she is the best teacher. She does it by example, without judgement, and with total acceptance, support, and understanding. She makes me not want to be a better person. She makes me want to be a better me. I can only imagine how much of an impact she can make on your life is she is your coach.....the impact [for me] has been beyond words." --Kara Ann M.


"During our coaching sessions together, Susan guides me into the heart and belly space where I can find my own answers. Her sessions strike a balance between exploring intuition and practicality that I love. Susan has definitely helped me bring greater awareness and new possibilities into my life." - Lea Y.


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