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Welcome to Intimacy Salons

Connecting in Community about topics we don't usually talk about in Sex, Intimacy, and Relationships


"What a deep, nourishing, juicy, embodied and inspiring privilege and pleasure to be part of this powerful salon! SO impactful on so many beautiful and healing levels!!! I feel like I was part of a deeply important seminal event of an event that is about to BLAST OFF in so many exciting and juicy ways!!! Nourishing, re-educating, re-wiring, delicious, edgy (in the best sense), exciting...and SO MUCH MORE!!! Susan is the most truly welcoming, warm, scrumptious, gracious, generous and god-dam real-deal sensuous facilitator and inspiration for this event! i recommend to ALL you saucy adventurers!!!" -- Participant

No events at the moment

The mission of Intimacy Salons is to create space for up close and personal conversations and connection around topics that don't normally get talked about in a community setting. Here, we learn more about ourselves, find ways to de-shame and normalize our unique and collective experiences, and connect with other uniquely lovely people!

Past events:

Self Love & Erotic Film
Porn & Prince Charming
Courting Your Inner Partner
Gender Bending Porn
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