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Creating Functional & Pleasurable Relationships in Unconventional Times
Tuesday October 27th. 4 weeks. Early bird through Tuesday, October 20th 9pm PT/midnight ET

Rewire Your Relationships


Are you struggling to get what you want in relationships or sex?


Do you want to be more fully yourself with your partner sexually, but aren’t sure how? 


Are you holding yourself back out of guilt or shame about what you actually desire?


Do you sometimes feel like you’re reliving your parents’ relationships


Have your partners had unrealistic expectations of you, and you wish they’d back off?


Are you holding resentment towards your partner for the ways they’ve not shown up?


Do you keep jumping from one unresolved relationship to the next, wondering why things always go downhill after the ‘honeymoon phase’?

Get out of compliance in your relationships.


The only way to get out of resentment is by actively valuing your boundaries and limitations


Be unapologetic about who you are.


You can’t feel pleasure with your partner when you can't be yourself.


Find out what you want and how to get it.


Find creative solutions to help you resource needs and desires!


Resource your need for both connection and separateness


You can’t thrive when you’re totally merged with your partner in unhealthy ways, nor can you thrive when you feel disconnected from your partner.


Rewire Your Relationships is for you if you want to:

  • Be more yourself in your relationships

  • Get out of compliance and into more pleasure

  • Improve your ability to express your own desires, limitations, and boundaries

  • Find ways to navigate incompatibilities in your relationships

  • Get more of what you’re wanting in sex 

  • Learn how to honor both your need for connection and your need for separateness

  • Feel more freedom and pleasure in your life


Pleasure and fulfillment don't just happen if you don't get clear about your right relationship. 


After the honeymoon phase ends and new relationship energy fades, many are often left wondering why the relationship “stopped working”, when really, it’s that most people aren’t even aware of what they want until they don’t get it, and by then the relationship has already happened to them.


Online Course Format


  • 4 weeks

  • Two live (recorded) content classes

  • Two group coaching classes

  • Live exercises you can do solo or with a partner

  • Reflective writing exercises

  • Tools to create your own re-wired relationship! 


Early Bird Investment until October 20th: $99 (regular price $199!)

After October 20th cost is $125

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will I be able to access the video classes?




What kind of support is there for me personally?


During the classes there will be time for questions and answers, and during the group calls you’ll have individual time to ask any questions and share stories with the group. You can also bundle the course with a private session with me for an added $99 (normally $150).


How much time will I spend on course materials each week?


The classes are approximately 60 minutes long, and will give you some experiential exercises to incorporate into your everyday life and relationships.

Why did you create this course?


I created this course because I see so many people suffering in dead-end relationships. My desire is to help to find the love, sex, intimacy, and freedom they desire from their relationships


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